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Join Google+. Google+ is Google's social media network and service accessible at and

Google Plus is availabel in 60 different languages and dialects worldwide. To speciy the default Google+ language settings please visit:

The social neworking service Google+ is freely open to everyone. From 20.09.2011 on, the social media network Google+ opens and enables sign ups to everyone. Anyone can sign up and participate on Google+ - Invitations are no longer necessary (Source:

On 28.06.2011 Google Inc. launched the test run of its new social media networking service called "Google Plus" (short: Google+ or G+). At the beginning, from 20.09.2011 on,  the circle of test users was limited by Google Inc.

From 20.09.2011 on Google`s social media networking service Google Plus (Google+) opened for everyone for free.

On 11.04.2012 Google introducing a new version (redesign) of its social media network Google+ ( with new fundamental features and improvements.

Users need a Google Account to login to / join Google+:

The Google Plus Project (short: Google+) is Google's powerful answer to the already well established and leading social network and rival Facebook ( Google+ ( aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. While now open to the public the Google Plus Project (Google+) increases the pressure on its rival Facebook and the struggle for supremacy in social networking.

Google Inc.. "Experiment: Social media network". Whether Google's new social media service "GooglePlus" will be successful in the long run against world's leading social network Facebook remains to be seen. The battle for supremacy has at least begun now again once more.

If you already want to get a first look at the first features of the new G + social network ( and learn more about the features Circle, Google+ Hangouts video chat and Google+ Events you can do so at and (the google project -> interactive Tour) at the URL:

Watch Google+ project (Google+): There is more to explore:


Watch also Google+ project (G+): Set Up Your Profile:


Watch also: Google+ project () for mobile:

o Google Plus (G+): Explore Mobile: Watch also: Google+ project (G+, Google+): Instant Upload: o

Watch also: Google+ project (G+, Google+): Explore Settings:


Watch also: Google+ project (G+, Google+): Circles


Playlist Google+ (G+, Google+) Channel:

A qick look o


Update 07.11.2011: Google finally launched its long-awaited "Google+ Pages" feature for businesses and brands. "+Pages" provides companies, products, brands, organizations, bands, businesses etc. with a public identity and presence on Google`s social media network Google+ (Google+ Pages).

To create a Google+ Page visit the URL: "" On December 6, 2012, Google+ introducing Google+ Communities. Now Google Plus users can join their favourite Google+ Communities and set up (start) their own. Google+ Communities support all kinds of groups from topics and interests to local communities. Learn more about Google+ Communities at the Official Google Blog: "Google+: Communities and photos", December 6, 2012:


Learn more about Google`s social media networking platform Google+: Learn more about sharing and discovering all across Google - Google+ (Google+ is `= Google):

A morning with Google+

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Link list with tutorials, tips and tricks for Google+:

"Google Plus: The Extensive List of Database, Resources and Helpful Tips"
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Download Google+ for mobile devices:

Google+ Android app - free download via Google Play:

Google+ iOS app - free download via iTunes:
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07.11.2011. Today Google+ rolling out "Google+ Pages" worldwide for organizations, brands, bands, local businesses, websites etc.

To set up a "Google+ Pages" please visit:

Source: Official Google Blog, 11/07/2011:
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From today on, 20.09.2011, the social networking platform Google Plus ( opening sign ups to everyone. Anyone can join and sign up freely for Google — no invitation required (Source:

Link to the official Google Plus Project (Google+) Help Center where users can find tips and tutorials on using Google+ and other answers to frequently asked questions (G+ FAQs):
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"Google Plus (GPlus), the new social network from Google has become the fastest growing social media site"...but "the social network is still small in comparison to mature rivals Facebook and Twitter, which have 750 million and 200 million registered users, respectively". Source:, 31.07.2011

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